1 Upgrade the application

The Update process will install the last product version available without API or database changes.

To update the product to the last available version, use the following command:

Application libraries will be upgraded but configuration files will be preserved.
$ ./install.sh update

2 Upgrade the bootstrap database server

With the new version it is necessary to import the new databases of dictionaries. First, rename the existing databases. The bootstrap configuration database can be upgraded using the tool setup.

2.1 Import database dictionary wic

Rename the existing database wic, import the new and set transactions

$ echo "rename database wic to wic_old;" | dbaccess - -                
$ dbimport wic -d d_wics
$ ontape -s -U wic

2.2 Import database dictionary wic_admin

Rename the existing database wic_admin, import the new and set transactions

$ echo "rename database wic_admin to wic_admin_old;" | dbaccess - -                
$ dbimport wic_admin -d d_wics
$ ontape -s -U wic_admin

2.3 Upgrade bootstrap configuration database

The configuration database requires a schema conversion to update its structures to the new version.

After that, it is necessary to reload the data for these tables:

  • wic_label_data: the labels for the desktop tools.
  • wic_styles_%v2: the styles for the enterprise application.

You can run the setup tool by doing:

$ bin/studio.sh --setup

Update the data for tables.

The command load first deletes the content of the table and after it does load the new data.
$ load labels           
$ load styles