The Chart EndPoints are used to create charts with D3.js

1 Usage of a Chart EndPoint

The endPoints of type Chart can define a bar chart and render it.

2 Example of Chart EndPoint

To create a chart endPoint we will add the following code to the appConfiguration.xml document.

2.1 Basic Chart EndPoint

The data used for this example is asked with the following SQL query:


SQL Query

       <cast type="integer">LPAD(MONTH(galmvalo.fecval),2,'0')</cast> valor, SUM(galmvalo.stock * galmvalo.coste) valor2
    <from table='galmvalo'/>
        galmvalo.fecval BETWEEN MDY(1,1,2012) AND MDY(12,31,2012)


    <endPoint type="CHART" title="TITLE_STOCKVALUE" path="stockValue">

The result will be the following:

SQL Query data

Note: The chart always represents the columns valor vs valor2, and both of them must be of type numeric (Integer, Double...), otherwise the graph won't be displayed