The PDF EndPoints are used to create endPoints with an iframe where a pdf is displayed.

1 Usage of a PDF EndPoint

The endPoints of type PDF are used to display the pdf response of an object.

2 Example of a PDF EndPoint

Below you can find a simple example of how to implement a PDF endPoint.



    <endPoint path="pdfGeneratorr" type="PDF" title="PDF_TITLE">
        <pdf conditionSQL="gvenalbh.docser = 'S11000205'">gvenalbh_print_00</pdf>

This is the pdf that will be loaded.


The condition SQL will be added to the SQL query used inside the object. So When deciding which condition we want to implement it is necessary to know which tables are accessible in the SQL Query and the alias they have. Remember that variables can be used in this condition. for more information take a look at this point of the documentation.