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1 Custom CSS in OS tools

A stylesheet has been introduced to allow customization of OS tools. By inserting a wic_styles_app_cssdata with code ax_webos a custom CSS will be injected in every OS tool.


The stylesheet introduced will be loaded on all the tools

In the HTML, each OS tool have a class at the tool container to identify the selected OS tool. If the CSS introduced in the stylesheet have a reference to one of this classes, it is possible to edit only the styles of a OS tool easily.

Desktop webos-app-desktop
Userconf webos-app-userconf
Explorer webos-app-explorer
Olaptool webos-app-olaptool
Disktool webos-app-disktool
Booktool webos-app-booktool
Calendar webos-app-calendar
Jobstool webos-app-jobstool
Applyxsl webos-app-applyxsl
Lpr (printers) webos-app-lpr
Applyxsl webos-app-applyxsl