1 Executions

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Tasks / Cron executions

At each cron task execution, system will keep the response data in a file with the message of the execution.

Label Description
Id. Internal identifier
Code Code of the cron task
Comments Remarks
Host At witch host the cron task was executes
Database At witch database were executed
Group Group which receives the alert message
User User code
Run date At wich date and time was executed
Duration Duration of execution of task

  • Default: 0
Type Type of task

  • Default: N
  • Values:
    • N: Finished.
    • E: Error.
Visualized Visualized task

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: No.
    • 1: Yes.
Size File size

  • Default: 0
File type
File File data of the execution response