1 Aditional data

The data to be reported are those corresponding to the address of work and residence, as well as the title or category and name of the company to which it belongs.

Label Description
User User code
Photo User photograph
Type Type of image

  • Default: type(user_photo)
Size Image size

  • Default: size(user_photo)
Address User's home address
Town Town where the user lives
ZIP User's home post code
State State where the user lives
Country Country where the user lives
Phone User's home phone number
Address User's work post address
Town User's work town
Postal code User's work post code
State State where the user works
Country Country where the user works
Telephone User's work phone
Phone Extension
Company name Name of the company where the user works

2 Relationship groups

Here the relations between the groups are defined. Users in a group can share WebOS application folders with users in another group as long as their groups are related through this table.

Label Description
Origin group Code of the group that offers a service
Destiny group Code of the group to which the service is offered
Service Service that is offered

3 Message board

The object allows users to display messages when they log in. The message will disappear only when users accept it, or when the message expiration date is exceeded. Also, the message will appear only from the activation date of the same.

Label Description
Id. Message Id
User Message recipient (null=all or group, if it is informed)
Group Message recipient group (null=all or user, if it is informed)
Language User language

  • Case: Downshift
  • Values:
    • SELECT: .
Type Notification or accept condition to continue

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Notification.
    • 1: Condition.

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Information.
    • 1: Warning.
Start date Message activation date

  • Default: CURRENT
End date Message end date
Text Text to show, HTML page