SoapUI is an open-source web service testing application for service-oriented architectures (SOA) and representational state transfers (REST). Its functionality covers web service inspection, invoking, development, simulation and mocking, functional testing, load and compliance testing.

1 Installing SOAP UI

You can download the installable program from the SOAP UI site.

The installation is easy following the wizard instructions.

2 Import a WSDL file

After installation execute the program and use the menu option "SOAP" (menu bar at the top) to start a new project.

Set a name for the new project and select the WSDL file.

This generates a list of methods obtained by processing the WSDL file. Ensure that the property wsdlsoap:address has the correct value for the endpoint. In case you are testing over mydeister the value is:

<wsdlsoap:address location=""/>


The SOAPAPPServer provides methods to get multiple information from the users and server. There is a group of functions related with this areas:

  • Users: methods to get boxes and channels data from portal, OS tools to list folders, elements and delete them (get mails, get and delete book contacts, get and delete elements of disk tool).
  • Databases: provide functions to get the list of servers, databases, their panels and menus (application explorer) and functions to do a transactions (insert, delete, update) on tables and calls to execute XSQL-Script programs.
  • OLAP: methods to get schemes, geometries, history information and another methods that allow execute queries.

Open the WSDL provided for SOAPAPPServer and select one method to execute request. In this example the method selected is getPortalBoxes. Using the the context menu select New request.

Do click on Auth button to add a valid user and password to do login to the server. The response will be for this user, that is, the portal boxes returned are the boxes that the user has in his portal.

Select Add new authorization to indicate the user and password to connect to the server and do login. The type of this authentication is Basic.

Put the user and password on the fields.

Do click on the button with the play icon ("Submit request to specified ent point URL") to execute the request. Ensure that the end point URL is



This section is incomplete and will be concluded as soon as possible.


5.1 Call xsql-script

<call name = 'test_call'><args><arg>13992</arg></args></call>
                    xmlns:ns1="urn:SOAPXMLServer" SOAP-ENV:encodingStyle=""><dbms xsi:type="xsd:string">dbname</dbms><xml_code xsi:type="xsd:string">&lt;call name = 'test_call'>&lt;args>&lt;arg>13992&lt;/arg>&lt;/args>&lt;/call></xml_code></ns1:executeXML></SOAP-ENV:Body></SOAP-ENV:Envelope>