In XSQL data types are references to Java types, whether they are primitive types or objects. XSQLsupports four types of scalar values:

  • boolean values.
  • whole values (smallint, integer, long).
  • comma values (decimal, float, double).
  • chain values (string).
XSQL also supports two compound types (non-scalar): matrices (arrays) and objects. Each of these types of values can be assigned to variables or returned from functions.

Scalar values are those that cannot be broken down into smaller pieces, unlike arrays, for example.

They differentiate between types:

  • Basic, those that refer to whether an object is scalar or not.
  • Collections, those that refer to groups of objects.
  • Structures, those that define new types of data.
  • Memory Tables, those that allows the user to work with collections of records in memory.