A transaction is a set of operations who share a common objective and are interdependent. This set also accomplish the ACID properties. The acronym ACID responds to the terms explained below:

  • Atomicity: the set of actions has an atomic character, it means that the operations are carried out in their entirety or none is done.
  • Consistency: A transaction mantains the consistency of the data, transforming them from a coherent initial state to an equally coherent final state.
  • Isolation: Each transaction behave as if it were the only one running on the system, although other transactions are running at the same time.
  • Durability: If a transaction is successful, the system guarantees that your updates are maintained, even if the equipment fails immediately after confirmation.
  • Axional Studio XSQL-Script allows at most one transaction initiated at any time.

1 connection

Allow to establish a connection to a database.


Realize a conection with another user in the database oracle_erp_lin.

<xsql-script name='sample_conection'>
        <connection name='oracle_erp_lin' as='ped' password='xxxxxxx'>
                    <from table='ctercero' />