Returns true or false if there is a open transaction.

1 connection.isOnTransaction

<connection.isOnTransaction />


It is a xsql-script if the programmer do not manage the transactions, the system open it automatically with the first DML statement and closes at the end of the xsql-script. If the programmer manages them with the tag connection.begin this will be responsible for closing it when appropriate.


Print in differents steps if it is a open transaction.

<xsql-script name='sample_dba'>
        <println>FIRST CALL : <connection.isOnTransaction /></println>  
        <table name='test_con'>
            <column name='codigo' type='char' size='12' />
        <println>SECOND CALL : <connection.isOnTransaction /></println> 
        <insert table='test_con'>
            <column name='codigo'>A</column>
        <drop table='test_con' />