Returns a object type Date result of convert the date passed as argument of the time zone specified in the attribute 'from', to the time zone specified in the attribute 'to'. In case of missing one of the attributes, those of the user are assumed. The necessary corrections are made in case of having summer or winter schedule in the different time zones.

1 date.timezone.convert

    <time /> !

Example in which it is consulted the date in Madrid when in L.A (EEUU) are 23:34:30 of the day 11-05-2014.

<xsql-script name='date_timezone_convert_sample1'>
    	<println><date.timezone.convert to="Europa/Madrid" from="America/Los_Angeles"><date format='dd-MM-yyyyhh:mm:ss'>11-05-201423:34:30</date></date.timezone.convert ></println>