Returns the amount of time in milliseconds which should be add to the UTC time (Universal Time Coordinared) to obtain the standard time (GMT+0) of the indicated timezone. It is the amount of milliseconds of difference (offset) between GMT+0 and the indicated timezone.

1 date.timezone.getRawOffset

    <time /> !


bad number of arguments

It is necessary to has an argument.

bad type - expected [java.util.TimeZone] while found [Object]

The argument which can be indicated to the function must be TimeZone type.


Example in which returns the milliseconds added to UTC time from Los Angeles (EEUU).

<xsql-script name='date_timezone_getRawOffset_sample1'>
    	<println><date.timezone.getRawOffset><date.timezone id="America/Los_Angeles"/></date.timezone.getRawOffset></println>