The value of this node, depends of its type. When is defined to be null, the setting has no effect, including if the node is readonly. The node can be passed as argument or as attribute.

1 dom.node.setChildCharacterData

<dom.node.setChildCharacterData name='name'>
    <node /> !
    <value /> !

Change the value of a node.

<xsql-script name='dom_node_setNodeValue'>


        <set name='root'>
            <dom.parse><file name='data.xml' type='absolute' /></dom.parse>

        <!-- It is situated in the first node element (the one that contains the text hello) -->
        <set name='elem1'>
            <dom.element.getFirstChildElement><root /></dom.element.getFirstChildElement>

        <!-- If it is a node of the type                                        -->
        <!--                                                                    -->
        <!-- <text>                                                             -->
        <!-- hello                                                              -->
        <!-- </text>                                                            -->
        <!--                                                                    -->
        <!-- to change hello on the node text it must be done                   -->
        <!--                                                                    -->
        <!--  <dom.setNodeValue value='adios' >                                 -->
        <!--        <dom.node.getFirstChild><text/></dom.node.getFirstChild>    -->
        <!--  </dom>                                                            -->
        <!--                                                                    -->
        <!-- Doned that hello belongs to a node #text child of the node <text>  -->

        <set name='elem_new'>
            <dom.node.setNodeValue value='wonderful'>



The function dom.node.getFirstChild must surely be used to access to the nodo TEXT and to replace it by the given string.