Validate a XML document against a DTD. The content of the DTD file can be obtained from a dictionary database indicating the database and the code of the object or pass it as an argument to the function.

1 dom.validate.dtd

    <xml /> !
    <xsd /> ?


file [...] not found

The name of the file has not been specified.


Validate a XML document against a DTD.

<xsql-script name='dom_validate_dtd_sample1'>
        <set name='m_errors'>
                < name='movie.xml' temp='false' />
                < name='movie.dtd' temp='false' />
        <iterator name='m_error'>
                <m_errors />
                <println>Validate error at</println>
                <print>< />line....:</print>
                <println><exception.getMethod name='getLineNumber'><m_error/></exception.getMethod></println>
                <print>< />column..:</print>
                <println><exception.getMethod name='getColumnNumber'><m_error/></exception.getMethod></println>
                <print>< />message.:</print>
                <println><exception.getMethod name='getMessage'><m_error/></exception.getMethod></println>
                <print>< />systemId:</print>
                <println><exception.getMethod name='getSystemId'><m_error/></exception.getMethod></println>