This function allows to add Hyperlink to a cell of an excel sheet.

1 excel.Cell.setCellHyperlink

    <cl /> +
    <link /> +
    <title /> +

Place in an Excel source a SQL displacing the content of the rows.

<xsql-script name='sample_excel_Cell_setCellHyperlink'>

		<!-- Create an empty excel file -->
		<set name="m_excel">
		<!-- Create a m_sheet fot the excel file -->
		<set name="m_sheet">
			<excel.Workbook.createSheet name="Manuel">
			    <m_excel />
		<set name="m_cell">
			<excel.Sheet.createCell row="10" col="5">
			    <m_hoja />
			<m_cell />
			<string>GO TO GOOGLE</string>
		<!-- The excel is stored in a temporal file test.xls -->
			<m_excel />
			<file name="test.xls" type="absolute"/>