Place a String value in the cell.

1 excel.Cell.setCellValueSQL

<excel.Cell.setCellValueSQL threed='true|false'>
    <sh /> +
    <rw /> +
    <cl /> +
    <value /> +

Place in an original Excel a SQL deplacing the content of the rows.

<xsql-script name='sample_excel_Cell_setCellValueSQL'>
		<set name='wb'>
			    <file name='test_in.xls' type='absolute'/>
		<set name='sheet'>
			<excel.Workbook.getSheetAt index='0'>
		<set name='row'>
			<excel.Sheet.getRow row='0'>
			    <sheet />
		<set name='cell'>
			<excel.Row.getCell col='0'>
			    <row />
		<excel.Cell.setCellValueSQL threed='true'>
			<sheet />
			<row />
			<cell />
			    SELECT tabid, tabname FROM systables where tabid IN ( 120, 121, 122) order by tabid
			<file name="test_out.xls" type="absolute"/>