Deplace the set of rows indicating a certain number of rows.

1 excel.Sheet.shiftRows

    <sheet /> +
		<set name='wb'>
		    <excel.Workbook />
		<set name="sheet_1">
		    <excel.Workbook.createSheet name="Sheet 1">
		<!-- Load content for test in 3 columns x 5 rows -->
		<!-- Travel columns -->
		<for name='col' start='0' end='3'>
		        <!-- For each column travel the rows -->
		        <for name='row' start='0' end='5'>
		                <set name="cell_rc">
		                    <excel.Sheet.createCell row="#row" col="#col">
		                    <string><add><excel.Cell.getCellReference row='#row' col='#col' />  col:[<col/>] row:[<row/>]</add></string>
		<!-- Displace the block of rows 2 to 5 from row 1 -->
		<excel.Sheet.shiftRows start='2' end='5' num='1'>
		     <sheet_1 />
		    <file name="test.xls" type="absolute"/>