1 grid.result.getExceptions

Release 2017.3

Tag available since version 2017.3.

Returns the error message for each database where an exception has occurred.

    <resultSet /> !
        <connection name='sysmaster1'>
            <set name='rs'>
                <!-- Run a multi database query, returning a memory result set. -->
                <!-- Each db has it's pool configuration timeout but can be owerride via timeout !=0 -->

                <select.grid name='grid_demo' timeout='30'>
                    <columns>tabname, nrows, npused</columns>
                    <from table='systables' />
                    <where>tabname LIKE 'capuntes%'</where>


        <println>... Exceptions on nodes: <grid.result.getExceptions><rs/></grid.result.getExceptions></println>

|tabname |nrows      |npused    |grid_node     |grid_error|
|varchar |float      |float     |char          |char      |
|visible |visible    |visible   |visible       |visible   |
|capuntes|   7887,000|  1604,000|demo_sports   |          |
|capuntes| 442028,000| 89265,000|demo_industria|          |
|capuntes|4557441,000|955229,000|demo_cons     |          |

... Exceptions on nodes: [demo_apps_media: Database demo_apps_media is not allowed for group deister_prg]