Giving a URL connection established through the function htto.connection returns the value of a cookie indicated through the attribute name.

1 http.connection.getCookie

<http.connection.getCookie name='name'>
    <http_connection /> !

Obtain the value of a cookie of an URL connection. The function http.connection returns an URL connection and with http.conection.getCookie is obtained the value of the cookie /PREF.

<xsql-script name=''>
        <!-- GET COOKIE     -->
        <set name='m_cookie'>
            <http.connection.getCookie name='/PREF'>
                <http.connection url='' />

        <!-- GET COOKIE NAME        -->
        <print>NAME: </print>
        <println><http.connection.getCookieName><m_cookie /></http.connection.getCookieName></println>

        <!-- GET COOKIE VALUE       -->
        <print>VALUE: </print>
        <println><http.connection.getCookieValue><m_cookie /></http.connection.getCookieValue></println>

        <!-- GET COOKIE PATH       -->
        <print>PATH: </print>
                <m_cookie />

        <!-- GET COOKIE DOMAIN       -->
        <print>DOMAIN: </print>
                <m_cookie />