Closes the connection of a client to its server. Any new request in progress or using MBeanServerConnection returned by getMBeanServerConnection () will receive an IOXexception.

If it has been closed satisfactorily, it will not be possible to call again, since no effect will arise. WWhether it has never been called to close or if it had already been called, an exception can occur and the connection will try to close. This attempt can be successful, in the case it closes it will return something normally or if not, it can generate an exception.

The close of a connection is an operation potencially slow. For example, if the server has fallen, the closing operation might have to wait a while for protocol. To avoid that the calls block the closing operation, they should be done in a separate thread.

1 java.jmx.JMXConnector.close

<java.jmx.JMXConnector.close />