Returns an object MBeanServerConnection which represents a server MBean remote in which the operations are performed on behalf of the facilitated delegation. For a determinayed JMXConnector and Affair, two satisfactory calls to this methode usually the same MBeanServerConnection object, instead this is not necessary.

For each methode in the MBeanServerConnection return, calling to the methode, causes the corresponding method to be named on the remote MBean server on behalf of the delegation given subject of the authenticated subject. The value returned by the methode MBean server is the returned value to the client. If the methode MBean server produces an exception, the same exception is seen by the client. If the methode MBean server or the call attempt produces an error, it is returned in a JMXServerErrorException which is seen by the client.

1 java.jmx.JMXConnector.getMBeanServerConnection

<java.jmx.JMXConnector.getMBeanServerConnection />