This function serves to establish the connection with the server to the indicated port of the JMX.

1 java.jmx.JMXConnector

<xsql-script name='ws_nodes_clear_cache'>
        <!-- Virtual Table where the processed hosts are stored and if there has been an error. -->
        <vtable name='v_res'>
            <column name='host' type='char' />
            <column name='excp' type='char' />

                <!-- A connection with the server to the JMX port is established. -->
                <set name='m_connection'>
                    <java.jmx.JMXConnector host='#m_host_name' port='8004' />
                <!-- If there have been any problems when performing      -->
                <!-- the operations in the host, the exception is stored. -->
                <vtable.insert name='v_res'>
                    <column name='host'><m_host_name /></column>
                    <column name='excp'><error.message/>. <error.message2/></column>

        <!-- The table processed host|exceptions is returned. -->