Obtains the status of the remote print queue.

1 lpr.getQueueState

<lpr.getQueueState shortstate='true|false'/>

Obtaining of the status of the queue.

<xsql-script name='lpr_getqueuestate_sample1'>
		<lpr host='w2ksrv1' user='dvt' queue='hplj_3330'>
			<println><lpr.getQueueState /></println>

The result of the execution of this script would be the following:

hplj_3330 is ready
no entries

The returned information indicates which the printer is operative and which there is not jobs in queue.

In the case that there is waiting print files, the visualization by screnn would be:

hplj_3330 is ready and printing
dvt: active [job 4649 localhost]
unnamed 1024 bytes

There is a job with the identifier 4649 whose printing is in progress, which occupes 1024 bytes and that does not dispose of name.