A file is send to print.

1 lpr.sendFile

    <jobid /> !


attribute 'host' required

The IP address of the print server has not been specified.

attribute 'user' required

An username has not been indicated.

attribute 'queue' required

The name of the print queue has not been informed.

lpr already in use, close it first

A LPR communication with the printer is not possible to establish because there is no one in progress (for the same host, user and queue).

no active lpr connection

The communication LPR with the printer is not possible to obtain because there is no one established.


The name of domain and the specified IP address is not valid.


In case that the host, queue or print port by default are not indicated, the system interprets it is the connected user.


Send to print of a PDF file of new creation (required CUPS).

<xsql-script name='lpr_sample2'>
		<file.out.open id='out1'>
			<file name='data.pdf' />
		<file.out.write id='out1'>
				cond='empcode LIKE &#x27;%&#x27;'
					<var name='LEVEL'>1</var>
					<var name='EXERCI'>2000</var>
					<var name='PERINI'>0</var>
					<var name='PERFIN'>9</var>
		<lpr host='w2ksrv1' user='dvt' queue='hplj_3330'>
			<lpr.sendFile><file name='data.pdf' /></lpr.sendFile>