Returns the content as Java object. The type of this object depends of the content itself. For example, the native format of a content "text/plain" is normally an String object. The native format for a "multipart" message is always a subclass Multipart. For types of contents which are unknown for the DataHandler system, an input stream is returned as content.

1 mail.mimeMessage.getContent

    <MimeMessage /> +

Obtain the content of a mimeMessage.

<xsql-script name=''>
    	<select prefix='m_'>
    	    <from table='wic_user_maildata ' />
    	    	uid = 1949240
    	<set name='m_mimeMessage'>
    			<m_mail_message />
    		<mail.mimeMessage.getContent><m_mimeMessage /></mail.mimeMessage.getContent>    	

Sending of message making use of the smtphost attribute to indicate a determinated server of outgoing email.