Get the Filename associated to this part, if is possible. Useful if this part represents an "attachment" which was added from a file. The Filename will be usually a simple name, does not include directory components.

1 mail.mimePart.getFileName

    <Part /> +

Obtain the name of the file.

<xsql-script name=''>
    	<select prefix='m_'>
    	    <from table='wic_user_maildata ' />
    	    	uid = 1949240
    	<set name='m_mimeMessage'>
    			<m_mail_message />
    	<set name='m_mail_parts_array'>
    		<mail.mimePart.getParts><m_mimeMessage /></mail.mimePart.getParts>
    	<iterator name='part' index='idx'>
    		<in><m_mail_parts_array /></in>
					<mail.mimePart.getFileName><part /></mail.mimePart.getFileName>