Returns the size of the content of this bytes parts. Returns -1 if the size ca not be determined. Note that the size can not be an exact measure of the content size and can or can not count for any transfer encoding of the content. The size appropied to show in the user interface giving an approximated idea of the size of this part.

1 mail.mimePart.getSize

    <Part /> +

Obtaint the file size.

<xsql-script name=''>
    	<select prefix='m_'>
    	    <from table='wic_user_maildata ' />
    	    	uid = 1949240
    	<set name='m_mimeMessage'>
    			<m_mail_message />
    	<set name='m_mail_parts_array'>
    		<mail.mimePart.getParts><m_mimeMessage /></mail.mimePart.getParts>
    	<iterator name='part' index='idx'>
    		<in><m_mail_parts_array /></in>
					<mail.mimePart.getSize><part /></mail.mimePart.getSize>