Converts a numeric string in local format (representable for the user) to machine format depending of the language, country and variant of the indicated user.

1 number.userParse

    <value /> !


requires 1 arguments, received: 0

The function needs an entry value.

user must be set for operations

An user is required to obtain its locale.

Unparseable number: "..."

The value passed to the function in impossible to parse, because it contains non-numeric characters to the comm ',' and the point '.' ...


It is necessary that the user will be identified to obtain the user's numeric format.


Converts the string 1,2 to a number according to the locale of the indicated user. Returns 1.2, since in this case for this specific user, the comma ',' represents the decimal separator (european format).

<xsql-script name='number_parse'>