The function soap.buildTransaction obtains a document XML in SOAP format, with the information of the registers selected to be used in a SOAP transaction.

1 soap.buildTransaction



attribute 'tabname' required

The table has not been specified.

attribute 'condition' required

The identifier of the web service has not been indicated.


Generate a XML document in SOAP format of the SQL Object (wic_jrep_object) gcompedh, of the dictionary database of wic_iges. It is indicated recursive to obtain the data of all the related tables, as they are input (wic_jrep_colqry), output (wic_jrep_colout), form (wic_jrep_form_data and all its decendents)...

<set name='cond'>rep_code='gcompedh'</set>
<set name='m_xml'>
    <soap.buildTransaction tabname='wic_jrep_object' condition='#cond' recursive='true' />