Obtains the number of processed registers in a sentence of data manipulation (INSERT, UPDATE, DELETE).

1 sqlca.count

<sqlca.count />
<update table='ceffects'>
    <column name='currency'><p_currency/></column>
    <column name='impdiv' text='true'>ROUND(import / <m_change/>, <m_tipred/>)</column>
    <column name='cambio'><m_change/></column>
    <column name='user_updated'><system.user.getCode /></column>
    <column name='date_updated'><date.current /></column>
        numero IN (SELECT number
                     FROM @tmp_efepro
                    WHERE currency != <p_currency/>)
<set name='m_ceffects_upd'><sqlca.count /></set>

It is stored in the variable named m_ceffects_upd, the numbers of registers processed in the upload sentence. This number corresponds with the number of registers which accomplish the condition of the clause <where>.