Obtains the rowid used in the table against which the last DML statement was executed.

1 sqlca.rowid

<sqlca.rowid />


The rowid is a value which identifies a row in a database and contains the physical address of the register. The use that it does of the rowid depends of the database manager system. In the case of Oracle for example, it is a data type and the name which receives a special column that has every table. This pseudocolumn contains the rowid of each row and can be consulted at any time.

Tha table must contain a serial type column, if it does not, it will return a null rowid.

<insert table='ccomfach' prefix='ccomfach_' />
<set name='new_rowid'><sqlca.rowid /></set>

It is stored in the variable of name new_rowid, the row identifier of the last register inserted in the ccomfach table.