Create a string with the value contained.

1 string

    <value /> +


By default a character string is returned conserving the spaces which are in front of and/or behind this string. If you want to omit this spaces, you should indicate with the attribute trim with the value true.


The multiple operations of concatenation in a same string, can derivate in memory fragmentation and slow operations. If you need to perform massive operations of concatenation you should use <stringBuffer.

<stringBuffer name='buf'><string /></stringBuffer>

<for name='x' start='1' end='10000'>
        <stringBuffer.append name='buf'><string>1234567890</string></stringBuffer.append>

Show on screen a character string.

<xsql-script name='string_sample'>
        <set name='a'>STR1</set>
        <set name='b'>
            <string trim='true'>
                This is a string <a/> keeping the spaces.

The content of a string type variable is shown on screen. This variable contains two character strings and another variable of String type concatenated.

This is a stringSTR1 keeping the spaces.