Returns a boolean indicating if the columnn allows nulls. If the column does not exist, an exception is issued.

1 table.getColumnNullable



Database required.

Missing specify the database.

Required attribute [...]

A required attribute has not been specified.

Column 'colname' not found in table 'tabname'

The column does not exist in the table.


This function returns the value of the cache, so the first time that you use the table, the values of the metadata are load and stored in cache. It is difficult to get this information and thess values will not change unless a ddl operation occurs, it means an alteration of the physical model of the database, in which case is recommended to remove the corresponding caches through the function system.cache.clear, to obtain the real values.


Issue a boolean indicating if the column allows nulls.

<xsql-script name='test_getColumnNullable'>
            <table.getColumnNullable table='capuntes' column='docser' />