This tool allows to create a simple form in order to transact against a table.

1 Object Definition

Access to data base dictionary (wic) where SQL object will be created.

Click on menu option: SQL Objects - Definition - Objects

Object code

It is recommended to specify as object code, on Object section, the name of the table against the other one which user wants to make insertions, modifications and delete registers.

  • Group section is used to classify with functional level the object belonging to a wic.
  • On Label is needed to rename the object. Second section is required and informed text will be used as form title.
  • Maintain all values by defect except Type section, explained below.

1.1 READ / WRITE Type

Select option READ / WRITE on Type section in order to indicate to the system that form can transact against main table of SQL query.

1.2 SQL Query

Object query is written on XML code and it must be selected some column of the table which user wants to do insertions, modifications and register deleted.

        <rowid table='customer' />, *
    <from table='customer' />

This sentence selects all columns of customer table.


It is essential to select rowid of main table in order to make object transactional.

XML Grammar

User can find more information about XML grammar with the intention of writing SQL queries on document Select.

1.3 Input

All columns selected on SQL query whom user could filter when he access to the form.

It is usually a subset of all selected section on query.

If it isn't any column defined, form won't have filter page.

Column *

If it is allowed to filter by all columns of a table, and is only needed to click on a fictitious section. *.

1.4 Output

All columns selected on SQL query that will be viewed on execution object.

Automatic Generation

Exit sections will be generated automatically when object is executed for the first time.

Review table name and section

If query is composed with more than one table, is necessary to review table name assigned to each section.

2 Execution

Access to data base exploitation where SQL object will be executed.

SQL object can be executed through menu option or writing / followed by object code, on section located on bottom left side:

In this case, object with customer code will be executed.

When final user executes a form on data exploitation base (BD), the system searches its definition on BD dictionary (wic) and executes its logic against exploitation BD:


2.1 Filter page

Filter and query pages are the first executed:

Where it have been parameterized sections as input object.


It is possible to use metacharacters as asterisk:
St* on lastname section, will select customers with surname Stark, Stone, etc.

It is optional to access to a form by filtering by any section

It consists on one page where user can find different registers, result of executing the object query.

2.2 Enter a register

In order to reset the form and load possible values by defect, is needed to click on clean icon:

Entry sections are set up on last row:

When sections required on the table are informed in order to insert new register is needed to click on:

2.3 Modify register

Register values can be modified by clicking on the value.

When register values have been modified, is needed to click on following button:

It is also possible to click on the number that identifies the register, its values will be charged on edition sections of the last row, where they could be modified.

2.4 Delete register

Select register to be deleted by clicking on recycle bin cube icon. In some cases, it will be necessary to right-click on the ID number and the delete option will appear.