The type of Heatmap chart is designed to represent the values of a matrix.

1 Example

This example shows the total sale by music genre and country

You see the parameterization of the box:

  1. Selector type of Heatmap graph.
  2. Column of the sentence with value to be displayed, in this case the country x_name.
  3. SQL statement to execute, in this case an XSQL-Script:
   <xsql-script name='jchart_heatmap'>
       <vtable name='v_out'>
          <alias name='x_name'/>, 
          <alias name='y_name'/>, 
                   SUM(invoiceline.unitprice * invoiceline.quantity) <alias name='total'/>
               <from table='invoice'>
                   <join table='invoiceline'>
                       <on>invoice.invoiceid = invoiceline.invoiceid</on>
                       <join table='track'>
                           <on>track.trackid = invoiceline.trackid</on>
                           <join table='genre'>
                               <on>track.genreid = genre.genreid</on>	
                   <join table='customer'>
                       <on>invoice.customerid = customer.customerid</on>

       <return><vtable.pivot name='v_out' pivotcolumns='y_name' datacolumns='total' /></return>


* Starting from the table of invoices and grouping by gender and country.

The program loads the grouped data into a virtual table and pivots on the country column.

You can read more about the data pivot here

5. In the series, the column ' auto' is added to automatically determine the series.

2 Interacción

The colors can be expressed in function to several statistical factors by clicking on the button.

  • Quantile
  • Standard deviation
  • Natural breaks
  • Auto