The type of Timeseries graph is thought to represent values in time series.

1 Example

In this example, the total sales per day and filtering per year are shown.

You see the parameterization of the box:

  1. Selector type of Timeseries graph.
  2. Column of the sentence with temporary value, in this case the day of invoice invoicedate.
  3. Filter by combo of the column The_year and thus be able to filter the graph by years.
  4. SQL statement to execute, in this case:
        YEAR(invoicedate)  <alias name='the_year'/>,
        SUM( <alias name='the_total' />
    <from table='invoice'/>    

* Starting from the table of invoices and grouping by year and day.

5. In the series the column ' the_total' is added with the numerical value, in this case the total sales per month and year.

1.1 Interaction

In this type of graph the user can interact to filter part of their values.

  • (1) Filter by combo, for each year returned in the main sentence.

  • (2) By clicking on the zoom values, the graph will increase or decrease.

  • (3) Imputing the date in the fields from - to.

  • (4) The lower zone allows to be expanded or contracted and with lateral displacement to control the zoom of data.