1 Styles in Sql-Table

In this example, taking the box of invoice lines from the previous example, we add styles on the column 'invoiceline.unitprice' to show by 3 colors the ranges of amounts

The style master is accessed and 3 styles are created with 3 colors (green, yellow and red):

The style parameterization box of the Sql-Table is accessed and the three corresponding records are added to each rank for the column 'unitprice'.

It is observed that the parameterization contains an expression to determine the style to be applied based on the value of the field.


In this way, if the value of the unit price is lower than 0.25 it is shown in red color, if the price is between 0.25 and 0.75 it is shown in yellow and if the amount is greater than 0.75 it is shown in green.