RF-Web refers to the Axional Terminal business setup included in Axional Studio product. Concretely, Axional Terminal plays the role of a special mobile based forth tier front-end device that offers another different way to introduce data in the database by the client.

Specially, it has potential applications when controlled by technics that have to add data in a friendly-user environment with a useful display window system.

1 How to access to RF-Web?

In order to access to RF-Web one should connect to the url: "http://rfweb.mydeister.com" and log in with the user and password received.

Log in window in "http://rfweb.mydeister.com".

Once user and password are introduced, the site opens the main menu of the Axional Terminal where the user can move freely to create or fill the form preferred.

2 Navigation

The navigation while in the Axional Terminal is quite intuitive, based on arrow icons and common configuration in electronic devices.

The different screens can be contained in folders that group them depending on the utility they are used for.

Folders in the main menu of CEB Terminal.

Users can access the folders available and see the content inside before choosing which data they want to insert.

Windows that are contained in the "BANKS" folder in CEB Terminal.

It can be seen that when getting into a folder, for example: banks, one can go back by clicking in the back arrow placed in the upper-left side of the window.

3 Data insertion

After selecting the screen that is appropiated to introduce the data, clients will be asked to fullfil the corresponding inputs one by one in a vertical setup.

Example of a vertical sequence of inputs.

At some point, it is possible that the system shows the user a list of permitted values for an input. User just needs to click on the right one and continue with the data insertion.

Example of bank list selection.