In this section you can find screenshots and information about the dashboards,forms and channels created for the weather example.

1 Forms

This forms are located in WEATHER CONTROL (TimeSeries) > Auxiliars in the demo_form database.

1.1 Cities

This form shows all the cities registered in the database, that will then be available to check in the weather dashboard. This form is not editable and noo inserts can be performed to it as the identificator of each city depends on the ones offered by the API service. If you wish to add a new city you can do so from DBStudio using the file Open Weather Map provides with all their registered identificators here.

1.2 API

This form shows the details of the API used. Only the API key can be modified in case it expires and the modification and creation date get stored to control changes. If any problem where to happen regardint the API key or host, check out the Open Weather Map website for more information.

1.3 Icons

This form shows all the weather icons registered for the dashboard view. This icons proceed from Open Weather Map website and can be downloaded following the instructions in this website.

2 Dashboard: Weather by City

The weather dashboard offers an easy view into the weather conditions happening right now, two graphs with last 7 days information and different history graphs for each weather attribute. It can be found in WEATHER CONTROL (TimeSeries) in the demo_form database. It lets you choose by country and then city what place's weather you want to consult.

The left side box is undercontruction until SQL Lists function properly out of beta boundaries. It will show actual temperature and weather icon for all the cities registered in owm_cities.

3 Desktop

Screenshot of weather desktop.

3.1 Channels

3.1.1 Current temperature by city

As of now only 5 cities are available for weather consultion and each of them has a current temperature single value channel.

Screenshot of current temperatures in Province of Barcelona, Community of Madrid, Paris, London and New York.

3.1.2 Current temperatures

It shows the actual, minimum and maximum temperatures of all the registered cities and the last time they were updated.

Screenshot of current temperatures channel.

3.1.3 Current weather

It shows cloudiness percentage, precipitations and wind as well as the last update for all the registered cities.

Screenshot of current weather channel.

3.1.4 Current weather - Others

It shows other weather parameters such as humidity percenytage, pressure and visibility with the last updated datetime.

Screenshot of current weather - others channel.

3.1.5 Temperature by city - Last 7 days

Cartesian graph showing the minimum and maximum temperatures average for the last 7 days. It is filtered by city.

Screenshot of last seven days temperature in Province of Barcelona.

3.1.6 Precipitations by city - Last 7 days

Cartesian graph showing the amount of precipitation in cubic meters for each day in the past 7 days. It is filtered by city.

Screenshot of last seven days precipitations in Province of Barcelona.

3.1.7 Weather history by city

Timeseries graphs for temperatures, precipitation, wind, humidity and pressure. Two wind graphs had to be done as the different directions of wind are way too many for a timeseries to show. You can filter those graphs by city.

Screenshot of temperature history in Province of Barcelona.

Screenshot of precipitations history in London.

Screenshot of wind history 1 by direction in Province of Barcelona.

Screenshot of wind history 2 by direction in Province of Barcelona.

Screenshot of humidity in Province of Barcelona.

Screenshot of pressure in Province of Barcelona.