This type of box allows you to view documents stored in columns of type blob of the database. The system shows documents: images, excel documents, etc....

1 Parameters



1.1 Main box

1.1.1 Box parameters

Label Description
Box ID Box id.
Colname Column name of the BLOB field
Colmime Mimetype of the BLOB column
Metadata Data which contains information about the binary field
Created by

  • Default: USER
Date created

  • Default: CURRENT
Modified by

  • Default: USER
Date updated Updated date

  • Default: CURRENT

2 Example

In this example, a box is added to the album_images object to display the album images

Main box parameters:

Used columns:

album_img, img_type

In the Colname section, the column containing the blob field 'album_img' is added. In the Colmime section, the column containing the type 'img_type' is added. Both columns must be in the main statement of the object.