This type of box allows you to integrate Axional Studio google maps into the Google Maps Javascript APIS application. In a simple way, any address can be parameterized and placed on a google map, which can also indicate what type of map to display.

1 Parameters



1.1 Main box

1.1.1 Box parameters

To establish a point on the map it can be done by latitude and longitude or by the address. If address option is used, the latitude and longitude values must be indicated at 0.

2 Ejemplo I

In this example, an object is created to consult the clients locations on a map.

2.1 Object definition

Sentencia SQL:


        <rowid table='customer' />,
        customer.address || ' ' || customer.postalcode || ' ' || || ', ' || <alias name='the_address' />,,
        <nvl><trim>employee.firstname</trim>, ''</nvl> || ' ' ||
        <nvl><trim>employee.lastname</trim>,  ''</nvl> employee_name
    <from table='customer'>
        <join table='employee' type='left'>
            <on>customer.supportrepid = employee.employeeid</on>


To make the location on map as accurate as possible, the columns 'address', 'postalcode', 'city', 'country' are concatenated and aliased 'the_address'.

2.2 Input

Se declaran las columnas por las que se va a poder filtrar al acceder al formulario.

To allow filtering through all the columns of table, simply enter the field * (dummy).

2.3 Output

When the object is run for the first time, the output fields will be generated automatically.

2.4 Form Layout

Form editor:

Two boxes are created: one EJB-GMAP type, where the map can be displayed; and another EJB-VIEW typel, where the customer information will be displayed.

EJB-GMAP box parameters:

For this example you have to indicate the address: have it use the column 'the_address' that has been concatenated previously. It will also be set that latitude and longitude are 0.

2.5 Result

By selecting any other client the map will change location.