All boxes types defined in this section are characterized by the fact that the parameterization of these components always depends on the main sentence of the object. They do not contain a proper statement and all the fields used must exist in the object main statement and in the object output fields.


This type of box is the most used, since here are defined the form fields that need to be filled in to insert/modify the database records.


This type of box shows the information of other records returned by the query defined in the SQL object.

This block is used to display information from other records in the same table that is being displayed in the same document.

It is useful because it allows you to view data from other records without the need to access them.

In addition, the application automatically shows a link in the first field, in order to easily select the desired record.


This type of box allows you to view documents stored in blob columns of the database. The system shows the documents (images, excel documents, etc.) in the box, and generates a toolbar with different utilities to operate with documents (zoom, rotate, expand, print, etc.).


This type of box allows Google maps to be integrated into the Axional Studio application using the Google Maps Javascript APIS application. In a simple way we can parameterize and locate any address on a Google map, and in turn can indicate what type of map to display.


This type of box is a block of data composed of a text box that allows data entry. This block is generally used to enter, modify and display data of CLOB types, which may contain a large amount of code.

This element is very useful for displaying programming languages since the system is responsible for colorizing the text contained depending on the type of language selected.


This type of box is a block of data composed of a graph that serves to represent bar codes.

This graphic is used to generate a barcode that can be displayed on the screen or printed.


This type of box is a data display block composed of a box in which HTML pages can be displayed.

It works as a web browser independent of the file browser.

You can refer to another object in the same database as well as external links, which the application will display in a separate frame.