The forms have a set of configurations that you can apply to a particular field to control transactions.
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1 Authorizations

Authorizations allow to disable transactionals permits.

1.1 Authorizations definition

Access to database dictionary (wic) where user will find the object which authorizations will be added.

How access to objects definition

Information related on how access to the object definition form, on document Basic table objects.

Access to definition form object authorizations invoice object, by clicking on Form and Authorizations tabs.

Disable the following permits just by clicking on the box: insertion, modification and erasing registers by permanent manner. Use the description solely as an informative text.

Expression field

An expression is mandatory

Expressions can be simple on JavaScript or SQL query with COUNT(*).

Expressions examples Disable permits when...

1 == 1
By permanent manner

"#billingstate" != ""
Section billingstate (of recordset) has some value

#number(total) > 0
Section value total is major than 0

"#billingcity" != "" && "#billingpostalcode" != ""
Sections billingcity and billingpostalcode has some value

      FROM invoiceline
     WHERE invoiceid = #invoiceid
It exists lines to invoice with identify included on the section invoiceid


It is necessary to clean dictionary and database cache before executing the form object.

1.2 Execution

Access to database exploitation and execute the form.

How execute objects

Information about how execute objects on the document Basic table objects.

The result of execute configuration form on previous section, is:

Avaible buttons, modification and erasing are disabled:

In order to know if buttons to transact on a form has been disabled through authorisations, is needed to access to object information:

On column Bean of Security section is where permits disabled (via authorizations) are reflected.