When a record is inserted through Axional forms, it is possible and sometimes required, to initiate this transaction from a Reset process.

The Reset process allows defining whether the data cleaning will be performed in all the fields of the form or whether it will reestablish some fields with certain data. This is especially useful in large and complex forms. The process of reestablishing these fields with data is carried out in different stages, depending on the origin of the data and in where the execution takes place.

1 Execution flow

The execution flow of the Reset process is described below:

  1. Apply parent values, if any, as they are defined in the Field parent references wic_jrep_form_hide.
  2. Apply the default values defined by the attributes wic_jdic_colattr.
  3. Execute the TRX manager reset script. This can receive the values of the form during the reset.
  4. Get all the related data of the values returned by the reset script, from the definition of SoftReference.
  5. Execute the Javascript event beforeInput defined in the form.

2 Execution scheme

Some of these actions are executed on the client-side and others on the server-side.

The diagram below shows the interactions and procedures involved in the Reset process, and where they are executed: