In addition to modifying a form field, the system executes a series of actions depending on the system's parameterization:

1 Execution process

The execution flow of the form transformation process is described below:

  1. Obtain the related data based on the entered value and the SoftReferences parameterization.
  2. Calculate reactive values as defined by ColumnOptions.
  3. Apply the validation expressions defined by wic_jdic_clientchk, which involve the transformed field.
  4. Determines the nullability of form fields as defined by ColumnOptions.
  5. Determines the editability of the form fields according to the definition of ColumnOptions.
  6. Execute the Javascript onChange event defined by form and modified field.

2 Scheme

Some of these actions are executed on the client-side and others on the server-side.

The diagram below shows the interactions and procedures involved in the transformation process, and where they are executed: