Axional Studio provides a wide range of printing modes depending on the purpose and the data to be printed. The different tools allow printing from a simple report as a list of records to printings of advanced design and high quality.

1 Page-Perfect Forms

This utility allows the generation of documents with format adjusted to pre-defined measurements such as invoices, delivery notes, dispatch notes, etc. Instead of allowing the system to autosize the form and expand layout to accommodate the destination page, the user can decide font size, family and any other aspect of each field or data block. This fine-tuning simplifies the design of documents such as purchase orders or invoices.

But beyond the general concept of tradictional forms, the variety of features provides the Page Perfect Form a wide range of possibilities in the printing of eye-catching documents, like Book Quality reporting.

Also use this option for printing of worksheets needed during production, such as printing labels or barcodes.

Document Book Quality Reporting
Worksheet Mailing

2 Pixel Perfect Technology

With Pixel Perfect Technology you can produce attractive documents while maintaining complete control of the printed output. You have a wide range of formatting options to choose from, including:

  • Embedding and formatting data in a template.
  • Creating and ordering data columns.
  • Formatting cell contents.
  • Adding and nesting levels.
  • Rendering borders visible and eliminating white space.

Pixel Perfect