This section aims to provide useful info in order to prepare, execute and review the evolution from previous versions to the current release.

1 Programming

Changes on Application programming.

1.1 Code changes



This section is incomplete and will be concluded as soon as possible.

1.2 Application changed

1.2.1 Boxes grouping

Axional Studio Formauto allow grouping boxes in tabs. So, less relevant information in a form can be hidden and accesible on demand.

Until the current version, boxes grouping was achived by indicating the same group value. That is, all boxes with the same group was shown as tabs; even boxes defined at different rows or columns in the form layout. The distribution of rows and columns of the boxes determined the order of the tabs. The group value was defined by the attribute 'wic_jrep_box_celldata.box_group'.

Despite of the advantatges of grouping boxes, the mentioned configuration presented several issues:

  • The formauto layout was very different from the final display. That is because rows or column which contained grouped boxes dissapeared.
  • Tabs order was poorly intutive.

In order to fix the mentioned issues it has been implemented a new mechanism for handling grouped boxes, based on the Z-Order or Elevation. That is, the grouped boxes are defined at the same row and column, and it is defined the z coordinate, which determines the order.

In that case, the z-order value represents the distance bewteen the box and the screen, or the user. That is, a z-order equals to zero is closest to the user, while a z-order with value of five is farther. In terms of tabs, the lower value of z-order the more to the left is.

Exists conversion

The DDL and DML changes necessary to implement the mentioned modifications has been implemented via a Dictionary conversion, so does not require any manual modification. It only require to revise of any critical application which can be particulary sensitive of the mentioned changes.