With the Table Manager tool, users with permissions can export, import and/or modify any attribute of table elements or table data.

1 Introduction

To access the table manager, it will be necessary to access the view of the particular object (for example, a form or a report). Click on the icon located in the toolbox at the top right of the screen as shown in the image below. This action will open the Table Manager pop-up screen.

1.1 Table Manager Options

In the left part of the pop-up window, four possible actions are shown by icons. Depending on the action selected, a transactional area will be shown with different sections to be completed.

File export.
Export SOAP.
Global modification.
Open the data load application.

1.1.1 File Export

This action exports selected data in a *.dat extension file and with the original name of the primary table. The Where condition indicates the previous query conditions. This screen allows you to select how the data is exported, such as the type of delimiters between data or the possible date formats. Furthermore, it can be selected which columns will be exported and in what order. In this example below, four columns have been selected (contry, city, store name and square feet), and ordered according to the country and city.

Use the GNU zip compression option to compress the exported file in this format .*gz.

1.1.2 SOAP Export

This action performs SOAP Transactions on a database or table:

1.1.3 Global Modification

This action performs complete modifications throughout a database or table. The modifications will take place only on the selected data: this selection is indicated in the field Where condition. This option is restricted depending on the user's configuration.


Do not use this option if you don't fully understand the actions and consequences that this proceudre entails, since the modifications on your data base are irreversible.

1.1.4 Acces to Table Manager Application

This action opens the Table Management application. Access the section Table Manager of Database Tools for further information.

The options are load data (from a file -*.xls,*.csv), unload data, SOAP export, Global modification and Clear DB Cache.