System that allows the deployment of application environments through a parameterization of nodes, servers and applications.

1 Diagram


2 Elastic Node

Menu path:
Databases / Elastic node / Node

Parametrization a set of ordered and trained servers.

An automated database crawling system will use this parameterization to determine on wich server to perform the creation of the database.

Label Description
Code Code of grid node
Description Description of elastic node
<table name='wic_elastic_grid_item'>

    <!-- COLUMNS -->
    <column name='grid_code'            type='char'      size='20'                  required='y'  info='Code of elastic grid node'                 />
    <column name='item_order'           type='smallint'             default='0'     required='y'  info='Order'                                     />

    <column name='item_dbms_hwm'        type='smallint'                             required='y'  info='High water mark, max number of databases'  />
    <column name='item_dbms_dbspace'    type='char'      size='20'                                info='dbspace where create the database'         />
    <column name='srv_code'             type='char'      size='20'                  required='y'  info='Server code'                               />

    <!-- INDEXES -->
    <primary name='p_wic_elastic_grid_item'    columns='grid_code,srv_code' />

    <foreign name='f_wic_elastic_grid_item1'    columns='grid_code'   references='wic_elastic_grid_node'    refcols='grid_code'   ondeletecascade='y' />
    <foreign name='f_wic_elastic_grid_item2'    columns='srv_code'    references='wic_database_server'      refcols='server_code' ondeletecascade='y' />


3 Dictionaries

Menu path:
Databases / Elastic node / Dictionaries

Definition and parameterization of the dictionaries that can be used in the database.

  • Code: Code of elastic dictionaries.
  • Dictionaries: List of dictionaries.
Label Description
Code Code of elastic dictionaries
Dictionaries List of dictionaries

Template success Templete used at email confirmation process when success
Templete error Template used at email confirmation process when an error occoured

4 Add database

Menu path:
Databases / Elastic node / Databases per node

This object startup a database and user.

The parameters are:

  • Elastic node: An automated database crawling system will use this parameterization to determine on wich server to perform the creation of the database.
  • Company code (Database code): Name of the company used to create a DDBB, group and connection group.
  • Email: Used to configure the email of user.
  • User code: Used to create the user at main table with the structure (company_code.user_code).
  • Language: Used to configure the language of user.
  • Dictionary: Prepare the database to work with the diferent dictionaries.

This object initializes the wic_elastic_add_process script.

This script create all necesary entries to let an user operate in a database.

This script also can increase user of a company enviloment.

  1. Step 1: Register Database wic_conf.
  2. Step 2: Attach Database to administartion group (informix_dba).
  3. Step 3: Register group and add minimum group roles.
  4. Step 4: Register DB Group.
  5. Step 5: Register User.
  6. Step 6: Create database and db user.
  7. Step 7: Schema model.
  8. Step 8: Schema code.
Label Description
Elastic node Grid elastic node
Company code (Database code) Name of the company, used as name of the database.

  • Case: Downshift
Email Email of user

User code User code

  • Case: Downshift
Language Language of user

  • Values:
    • SELECT: .
Dictionaries Group of dictionaries
Status Status of the creation database, pending, processed or with errrors

  • Default: 0
  • Values:
    • 0: Pending.
    • 1: Processing.
    • 2: Completed.
    • 3: Error.
Process % Percentage of process done
Message Process message
Date created Date of registering

  • Default: CURRENT
Button Title Notes
BUT_PROCESS Process null

5 Add user

This object startup an user.

The parameters are:

  • Database code: Code of database as company code.
  • Email: User email.
  • User code: User code.
  • Language: Field language.