The type of Heatmap chart is designed to represent the values of a matrix.

1 Example

This example shows the total sale by music genre and country

You see the parameterization of the box:

  1. Selector type of Heatmap graph.
  2. Column of the sentence with value to be displayed, in this case the country x_name.
  3. SQL statement to execute, in this case an XSQL-Script:
   <xsql-script name='jchart_heatmap'>
       <vtable name='v_out'>
          <alias name='x_name'/>, 
          <alias name='y_name'/>, 
                   SUM(invoiceline.unitprice * invoiceline.quantity) <alias name='total'/>
               <from table='invoice'>
                   <join table='invoiceline'>
                       <on>invoice.invoiceid = invoiceline.invoiceid</on>
                       <join table='track'>
                           <on>track.trackid = invoiceline.trackid</on>
                           <join table='genre'>
                               <on>track.genreid = genre.genreid</on>	
                   <join table='customer'>
                       <on>invoice.customerid = customer.customerid</on>

       <return><vtable.pivot name='v_out' pivotcolumns='y_name' datacolumns='total' /></return>


* Starting from the table of invoices and grouping by gender and country.

The program loads the grouped data into a virtual table and pivots on the country column.

You can read more about the data pivot here

5. In the series, the column 'auto' is added to automatically determine the series.

2 Interacción

The colors can be expressed in function to several statistical factors by clicking on the button.

  • Quantile
  • Standard deviation
  • Natural breaks
  • Auto